yvonne – 19 year old single girl

Hiya i am a 19 year old single girl who has wanted a baby for a long time now and its not working out with relationship dont want the farther involved i have drown hair and blue eyes my natural hair colour is red i am 6 foot 2 and i am just ready to be a mother and want my life to begin

I hope someone can help me thanks xxx

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  1. Hello
    Let me introduce myself I’m Gareth and I’m 34 year white male looking to help get women pregnant. I come from a big family and want to help others achieve what they are looking for on here.
    I am std free (never had any), no genetic disorders and no mental illness in the family.
    If you are still looking to get pregnant then I would like to help you. If you became pregnant I would to be open to co-parenting if that is your wish but if not then we can discuss involvement.
    Please get back to me if you are interested with any questions and we can discuss further

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