Yasmin – AI Donor, Midlands.


Our names are Charlie and Yasmin, we have been together for seven years. My partner is Transgender, therefore we cannot conceive naturally and would need the assistance of a sperm donor. We would prefer no contact after conception, and AI only. We would also appreciate if our donor would go in for routine STD test and provide evidence, as well as signing a legal parental waiver.

We love nature and spending time outdoors, we often venture to new places. We also love to travel and culture, we both have an interest in psychology, architecture, philosophy, reading, art, cooking (to name a few). If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to get in touch.


Yasmin & Charlie

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  1. im married guy 44 and would be happy to donate my sperm to you I already have 2 children and wouldn’t want anything from you now or later. Wouldn’t want to chat no your names nothing just meet up and go or I can leave a bottle sample for you somewhere, Let me no if I can help in any way. No names

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