Will- sperm donor

Hello my name’s Will, i’m 21 years old, mixed race& approx 6ft2. I’ve studied creative music for the past 4 years, before that I played rugby for 4 and a half. I finished college with a level 3 diploma in musictechnology and continued my studies at university. I dropped out of university when my dad past away because financially, I could no longer afford it. I’m willing to donate my sperm to you but it won’t be for free. I currently really need the money for studio time so I can record some new songs. If you can help me I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Hi will,
    How are you? Sorry to hear about your Dad.
    I am also mixed race, 38 years of age. Was just wondering how much you actually charge? If you would let me know that would be great

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