Wayne sperm donor in Leeds

Hi everyone

I’m a 34 year old white british male
6 feet 2 tall and about 185kg
I’m a non smoker ( 3 years stopped ) and non drinker, never taken any drugs.

No medical problems at all and a clean medical family history.

A dear friend has struggled with starting a family and has had 2 failed IVF attempts and it’s really highlighted the struggle some of you face.
i have a 10 year old beautiful daughter and feel i can help others achieve there dreams of starting a family

Hope to hear from you soon if you’d like my help

Thanks Xx

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  1. hi me and my partner of 8 years are really desperate to start a family of our own and would love it if you help many thanks ……

  2. Hello Kayleigh and Sam

    I’m here to try help if I can.
    How can we contact eachother and chat and take it from there?

    I’m new to this site

    1. Hey Laura

      it doesn’t show your email and it will only block mine when I try put it here.

      Or tell me your full name and desceiptng of your instagram photo or something lol

      speak soon

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me and my partner? We’re both young too, and we are trying for a family. We’ve tried IVF but unfortunately it was unsuccessful, please contact me if you are willing to help.

  4. Hey Chels
    Im sure I can help no problem.
    can’t message on here as they delete email and phone numbers etc.
    If i know your full name and photo description i can try find you and message.

    facebook or instagram etc

    And then we can chat etc

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