wayne sperm donor available west midlands or outer areas

Hi im wayne.
Im from birmingham west midlands.
I posted an add about june 2015.but got very busy with my work and life stuff.so sorry to the people that did message me but i hadnt messaged back.hope they maybe got what they wanted by now.
Anyway, im a single father of 3.
Been totaly single since 2009 and focused on my kids and work.
Work full time and for myself.
Im now 42.
5ft 5.
Med to slim build.
Brown eyes and dark hair.
I now have time to maybe help those who are looking for a donor.
I do drive so can travel.

Contact me direct anytime at all night or day.
I do get busy in day so maybe best to text if you wish to, then i will when i get a free moment.


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      1. Hi Wayne

        I’m looking for donor if you could message me with some more info on ur success and about yourself please. I’m based in Birmingham.


    1. Hi Jo.
      M6 j10 is few mins from me so yes very able to help you both if you want.
      Contact me soon and let’s chat.
      Thanks for message.
      Wayne xx

    1. Hi Jamie
      Walsall is few junctions up m6 from me so totally able to help you both.
      Hope to hear from you soon x
      Thanks for message.

  1. Hello I’m looking for a donor im also single but would like one more baby to complete my family I live in the Lincolnshire area if you could help or would like more information please message me

    1. Hi Jen
      It’s been a while since if been Lincoln.
      Is be very happy to help you in any way I can hun.
      Thanks for message.
      Wayne x

  2. Hi i am looking for a donor . Hope you can help . As im having trouble meetimg guys for a sibling for my daughter . I am mid 20s have a good career. I would love to know more about how this sperm donation would go about . Thanks

    1. Hi Sophie
      Thanks for reply.
      Maybe look into it a bit hun and make right choice and do what makes you happy.
      We only live once hun so do the things you want to do.
      I’d be happy to help anytime though.

  3. Hi wayne,
    myself and my partner are currently looking for a sperm donor. we are based in nuneaton.

    if you can help please message me.


    1. Hi Amy
      Is be happy to help you and your partner.
      I do know nuneaton area.
      It’s abt 25 mins from me.
      Speak soon xx

  4. Hi Wayne my name is Hayley, my partner Carrie and I are looking for a sperm donor we live in Manchester and you seem to be a nice guy I would really appreciate it if you could get back to us so we can have a chat, hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi ladies.
      Thanks for the lovely message.
      Iv not been Manchester for about a year now.
      It’s a bit far but maybe we can chat and sort something out and see how where we go.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi Wayne I’m from Newcastle I know it’s a bit of a travel but when it’s a dream you have to just do what it takes I really would like your help please get in touch

    1. Hi Mrs reason.
      I’m happy to help anyone hun.
      Yes distance can be a problem at times.
      Maybe we can meet at a half way point hun.
      Hope to hear back from you.

      Wayne Finn

  6. Hiya we are a lesbian couple and live by nuneaton we would love to here from you as we want to start a family together ๐Ÿ™‚ and looking for the right person to help us

    Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi
      thanks contacting me.
      I do know nuneaton and is be happy to help you bot.
      sorry I can’t message back on here.


  7. Hi all and hope you are all having good luck with your donor or co partners
    I’m available to donor still and or co partner as in single dad of 3.

    Hope I can give someone a Xmas present they have been wanting …..
    Speak soon

  8. Hi there my name is natalie and im looking for a sperm donor so i can have beautiful kids of my own. If u can help me i would much appreciate it. Thank you

  9. Hi Wayne.

    Me and my fiancรฉ are looking for a speem donor to help complete our little family. We both live in Birmingham. Was wondering if you could help? Hope to hear from you soon.


  10. hi wayne me and my fiancee are looking for a sperm donor in the west midlands we live in tipton.. we have been together over 2 years and really want to start our own little family… and hoping that you would be able to help us… im 22 and my partner is 21.. have our own home and are really happy together… we want nothing more than to have our own bundle of joy to love and to cherish forever.. if you want to reply back ill leave you my phone number and you can happily text me ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou

  11. Hi Wayne . I’m looking to have a sperm donor to finally have my happy ever after of my dream to become a parent . I have been searching and searching and have no joy .. hope you can help x

  12. Hi Wayne, are you able to help, I live in Birmingham and I am looking for an AI donor. Many thanks and kind regards Lucy

  13. I am a gay woman with a wife and we would love to become a family we would like to do it without sex we would like for u to donate and we insert it ourself but we would like if u sign over all rights to the child let us no if you could help thank u

  14. Hi both me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor I hope you can help us we live in tipton area x

  15. Hi Wayne me and my wife of 9 years would like to ask you some questions if you are still available for donations please get in touch

  16. Hi me and my girlfriend are looking for a sperm donor in the West Midlands and would love to see if you was available to help. It would be nice to get to know a little more about you.


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