Vicky Sperm donor required

We’re a same sex couple with one child who was conceived using a sperm donor. I have gynaecological problems, meaning I need to basically “hurry” to have another baby, which we would absolutely love, plus our daughter is desperate to be a big sister. Our daughter is 5 and has no contact with her the donor but we’ll be more than happy to tell her once she’s 18 about the donor and he’s happy for her to contact him at that age if she wants to. This is perfect for us as we don’t want the donor involved, until the child is 18 if the donor/child wants it. No legal requirements etc, just basically we would be forever grateful for your best swimmers. We’re in Worcester.

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  1. Hi Vicky,
    Did you manage to find an appropriate doners?
    If not I’d be happy to help if necessary.
    I am a mature bloke who has a 20 month old son. Blonde curly hair blue eyes, and into everything.

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