vicky & jaz sperm donor needed ????please

Myself and my partner have been in a lesbian relationship for 10 years and now we feel ready to extend our family but need a little help ….. So If there’s a kind man out there near Margate Kent willing to help us please get in touch, thankyou.

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  1. Hi I’m Ed would be willing to help I have 2 children both healthy. Would be willing to help make a couple happy .

    1. I’m a single 26 year old with a daughter through AI donation already and I’m looking for another donor AI only and can prove they are STI clear who is willing to help. I love in Gillingham Kent. I’m looking for someone who is willing to not have much contact with the child although I am happily willing to send updates. Would you be willing to help?

  2. Hello
    My names peter from margate
    Im a goodlooking handsome
    Man Im 100% genuine
    So you can arrange to collect
    Donor sperm.

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