Vicky In need of a AI sperm donor HELP !

Hi there me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor to help us expand our family. We only want a AI donor as this is our prefered method. If there is anyone in the kent or south east london area thats willing to help please do not hesitate to message us we would love to hear from u.
If there is anything else u would like to know about us please ask. Thank u vicky

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  1. I am 29 years old good looking tall not a bad build of a man i will Donate sperm to any 1 in the uk if contacted by email as long as you are will to travel to get the sperm from me in Doncaster with a kit provided by your Doctor please do feel free to email strait away and we can have your problem sorted in 1 month i will be donate in to doncaster hospital as well in the next few month so please do feel free to contact them and ask for my sperm Paul Hart. I am in the Doncaster area.

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