Tori – 3 years lesbian couple looking for donor

Hi. Me and my partner are looking for a Sperm donor. My name is tori and my partner is Ashley.
I’m 27 and were ready to start a family now in 2015!
Me (tori)27 works in design and art, seamstress, Ashley works as singer songwriter which is very important to us as my late mother was teacher for piano, so both our sides are very musical, Ashley is 21, however I wish to carry first and hope to carry a total of 3 with same donor and Ashley would like to carry from same donor
If there is anyone out there who could help I’d be so greatful for you to get in touch

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  1. Hi I’d be happy to help you, both now and in the future. It is good to see that you want all your children to have the same donor father. Please get in touch and we can exchange more detail.

  2. Hi my name is david 21y fit and healthy, able to help now and in the future over long periods is no issue if you would like to contact me message me at ————-

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