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  1. I am looking for my daughter and her wife who are genuine and looking for a genuine guy. They are both graduates and will make wonderful parents. Please would you be prepared to undergo the necessary health checks.

  2. Hello, me and my fiancée are looking into having a baby together, we are quite new to all of this. We live down in Dorset but are coming up to London Surrey on the 7th as my fiancée has a course to attend we are there until the 9th March 2016. We would love your help to fulfill our dreams of becoming mummies.

    Kind regards Leah and Kirstie

  3. Hi Tom me and my partner would love to discuss this more with you as we are looking for a doner. Thanks in advance

  4. Hello. Me and my fiancee are from the london area and are trying to find someone to help us be able to forfill our dream of having another child. Thank you

  5. Hi Tom, I have seen a few people have commented but thought id still give it a try.

    I am in a two year lesbian relationship and me and my partner are looking for a gentlemen of your features to help us progress our family further.

    I am 26 and she is 29, we are both working professionals and love life.

    We live in London and are looking for an AI donor who would not want contact.

    I look forward to hearing fro you 🙂

    Jackie and Laura x

  6. Hi tom

    Again lesbian couple here! Maureen and I have been together 16 years and married over a year. We are look for a donor only and we live in Essex – would love to know more please let us know if you can help? X

  7. Hi Tom, we are a lesbian couple looking for an Ai donor in Surrey, could you help us with our dream of starting a family?

  8. Hi tom
    Are you still looking to donate? If so could you please get in contact as me and my partner are wanting to start a family of our own
    Thanks sarah

  9. Hi Tom

    I am a single female looking for a donor. I live near Guildford in Surrey. Are you still offering to donate?


  10. Hi tom are you still available to donate. I live in Cardiff and I appreciate its quite a way from you but I would be more than happy to cover travel costs and accommodation if you wanted to have overnight stay to save a travel to and from in a day. Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading

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