Tom I am a sperm donor and interested in Co-parenting.

I am a sperm donor and I am also interested in Co-parenting.
I would not be opposed to a LTR with the mother of my child.
I am Caucasian, Irish, 58, 6’3″, 85 kgs, blue eyes, salt ‘n pepper hair and average build. I have a high university education and work in healthcare. I am financially stable with a good income.
I am a single, solvent and sane, heterosexual man willing to help a single lady, a lesbian or couple with male infertility issues to fall pregnant.
I can travel to you for monthly services or accommodate you in my homes in Bristol. You are welcome to stay with me for an hour, a day or a weekend every month. Obviously, you must decide which method of insemination (NI, PI or AI) best suits your wellmindedness and how quickly you wish to conceive.
My personal preference is to have a love child by natural conception – which I believe is the most reliable method.
I am STD free. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs.
I know that it’s a stressful time for you and that respect, reliability and responsibility for the continuity of sexual services around ovulation time each and every month are important to you.
Also I am aware that loving partners can & do get jealous so I will do my utmost to be caring and considerate towards you and can promise you an exclusive, monogamous sexual coupling for 6 months or longer to guarantee you a healthy baby. I would also be happy to donate sperm, in the future, for you to conceive a second sibling as a companion for our first born.
In reality, you simply have to tell me what you consent to do sexually with me and I will comply with your wishes. I know that this is a very special & emotional time for you and ‘regretful’ sex is not an option for either one of us.
I’m willing to answer any questions and happy to help you achieve your ambition.

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