tom glasgow donor available

Hello i am a donor living in Glasgow and provide my services to Glasgow & surrounding areas. I have been successfully donating for the last 4 years and can provide references from previous recipients.
I am a professional person , self employed , educated to masters level with an IQ of 144 (if intellect matters to you).
My motivations are purely altruistic , i just want to help potential mothers who have fertility issues etc to have healthy , happy and intelligent children.
I am willing to provide by AI, NI, PI methods , leave the level of child contact up to you (please at least an occasional pic would be nice if no contact at all required)
I am clean , discreet , D&D free and can provide up to date STD and sperm count test results.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions / requests. Tom

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  1. Hi Tom. I read your post and wondered if we could have further conversations. I am 27 and have been paying for private fertility – unfortunately with no success and now exploring other options. I am educated to degree level and have a stable career and circumstances to welcome a child into.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. K

  2. Hi I would be happy to help anyone have a child ,I’m 30 very healthy irish man, play many sports,no medical history and I have full medical health screening just done,I had two successful first time attempts with couples,i just want to give people what I don’t want.waiting on reply

  3. Hi I am 37 years old. Myself and my partner have children from previous relationships. My partner unfortunately had a vasectomy a few years back. We would love to be able to have another child to add to our loving family. Interested in AI only. Hope to chat soon.

  4. Artificial insemination is not a problem for me,I would be happy to help you and your partner complete your family.

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