14 Replies to “Tom Anyone require a sperm doner?”

  1. Hi my name is Jenny I am 24 I am single and wanting to have a child of my own just wondering if u can help me I live in st helen thank u please contact if u can

  2. Hello there.
    Your ad captured my attention.

    I am interested in discussing this matter further with you privately. Please email me if you require any further information or if you need my contact details and I would love to speak to you with a view to arrange sperm donation.

  3. Hi tom,

    Me and my partner have been looking for a mixed race donor and have found this extremely difficult.

    If your still donating and fancy discussing this please email me.

    Thank you

  4. Hey,
    My name is Shavon I’m currently and undergraduate student. For we reasons we can discuss privately I’m looking for a sperm donor. If you are still willing to help please contact me.

  5. Hey,

    Me and my partner have been looking for a mixed race donor.
    We are happy to travel and have a discussion with you.

    Please get back to me

    Take care

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