Tanya Manchester area

Hi I’m hoping someone would be willing to help me! I’m absolutely desperate to become a mother, it would mean everything to me to have a child of my own. Me and my partner are ready to expand our little family as she already has a daughter of her own. Words could honestly not explain how happy I would be to have the opportunity to feel what every other mother feels. I will be willing to answer any questions you may have for me. Please please please help me!! Thankyou??

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  1. Hey Tanya

    I’m a white british male, 6 feet 2 tall and about 185kg.
    I’m willing and able to help and only based in Leeds so I’m sure we could arrange it easy enough.

    Zero medical Issues and a clean family history, I have brown hair and blue eyes.

    pet me know of you’d like my help and we can chat about it further


  2. Hi, I am a father to 2 children boy 10 and a girl 7. I’m willing to help you if you still need help.

    Danny x

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