5 Replies to “Svenleigh – Lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in Glasgow”

  1. Hi,

    I would be interedted in helping.

    27, healthy and educated. Please get in touch to ask anything else and have a chat if you are interested

  2. Hi,

    Hi hope that your both well. I would be willing to discuss this with you both further. I’m 32 years old. Partnered for 9 years and sane/sorted.



  3. Hi,

    If you are still looking for a donor I would be happy to discuss this with you both.
    32 years old, professional sane sorted lad.



  4. Hi there,
    I might be a bit late for this but I’m interested to help out.

    6ft plus, brown hair, athletic build and in good health.

    Please get in touch,


    T x

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