Susie Desperately looking for donor in fife area

I am a 30yr old woman (just turned 30 today by the way) who lives in fife. I have attempted to get pregnant with a donor previously but unfortunately it ended in early miscarriage. I have decided to stop waiting on Mr. Right and take control of my destiny and go after my lifelong dream of motherhood. Please help me if you can. AI is my preferred method but would consider NI if the circumstances were right.

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  1. Hello, seen your profile on this site, were your looking for a donor.are you still looking for a donor/or even a co parent ? i’m from fife and willing to help you if your still looking.
    i’m a white Scottish guy 5’10” average build. i will be willing to help you out if your still looking
    if your still interested message me back and we can chat some more

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