9 Replies to “Steven Sperm donor in East Sussex”

  1. Hi there, me and my partner are looking for a donor and was hoping you could help. We are based in Worthing, West Sussex. Please get in touch…
    Lucy and Jamie

    1. Hi there I’m a single female who lives in Eastbourne looking to have a family before my body clock Denys me this privilege. I’m 47 and would love if your still available to chat further about donation via AI.

  2. Hi Lucy and Jamie

    Are you still speaking a donor? I’m 37 year old single guy, if you want to know more then please get in touch.

    I’m Brighton based

  3. Hi terry I am also looking for a donor on chichester area . Are you able to talk more about a possible donation many thanks

  4. Hi Jonathan , are you still willing to donate? I live in Eastbourne.I’m looking for a donor for just artificial insemination (no intercourse) I am a lesbian aged 30 year’s old. Married to my wife for 4 year’s,we have 2 children aged 2 and 5,my wife is their natural mother. I have been looking for a donor for a good few years now and haven’t found anyone.
    I am desperate to carry a child of my own and to complete our family.

  5. Hi. Are you still willing to be a sperm donor? my wife and I are looking for a.I
    She is wanting to have the experience of carrying a child we have 2 already which are mine. Have been looking for a few years now but had no luck 🙁
    Please get in touch. We are in eastbourne.

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