Stacie – Doner

Hello i am 27 year old in a lesbian relationship with my beautiful fiancee for just over 3 years and

desperatly want to start a family …we are interested to hear from anyone who would be able to help and

also from same sex couples who have done this before as a little bit of advicebdoes go a long way … we

would want someone who would prefer not to have contact with the baby until they are old enough at least to

make their own mind up … please get in touch if you can help along with any conditions or fees you may

have thank you

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  1. I am a healthy single male 58, 6ft, medium build.brown eyes light brown hair’ am active and love sports. Have run my own business for 28 years, I have 4 children and now the time is right to help people by being a sperm donor, It is something I have thought long and hard about and really feel I would like to help people in this way, I would like to have contact in some form, updates and a picture is fine at your discretion, message me and we can discuss things, I am willing to travel,
    best regards Steve

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