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  1. Are you still searching ??? I am very healthy, already have 2 very healthy and strong. I don’t do drugs. Just donating I ask nothing just that you take care of the kid. Email me directly if interested

    1. Hi we are from.west Yorkshire are you still available we are waiting ai and no involvement after the pregnancy is achieved are you still available please by any chance thanks Rachael and Chloe

  2. Hi, I am based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. Me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor. We have our own house, both have successful jobs and we are looking to extend our family. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss in more detail.

  3. Hi we are looking for a a.i sperm donor. We are a married same sex couple in West yorkshire. If you are able to help please reply and tell us a bit more about yourself please.

  4. Hi we are from Huddersfield West Yorkshire and wondering if you are still donating we are 18&19 and ready to start a family we are wanting ai and no involvement after the pregnancy is achieved please message me for more info xx

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