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    1. Hi My wife and I are looking for someone to donate next month if you would be happy to chat? We are based just outside of Glasgow. Thanks

  1. I’m a 33 year old good looking guy I have one child who is perfect and I would really like to help you out get in touch

    1. Hi are you still available as a donor? Im 33 single and would love to be a mum. I’m looking for an a.i donor only

  2. Hi

    Iam sorry if iam too late to reply to your personal ad. Bit its is just to let you know if you are still looking for a suitable donor dont be shy on replying i have been working with Nuffield hospital where my donations have helped couples perform sucessful ivf treatment. The only reason i started donating was because my best friend and his wife couldnt conceive and after the look on my friends face when thef found out they were pregnant i found it hard not to say no to the unfortunate folk at the clinic.

    Any questions plz ask Bea

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