Sperm Donor

Hi I’m 27 fit and healthy I am 5ft 8 and have brown hair and brown eyes no known family illnesses I have children of my own and would like to give someone the chance to have one of there own will play no part financially or emotionally in the child’s life NI or AI which ever everyone is most comfortable with located in south Wales if I’m needed to travel you pay travel expenses and if there are any loss of earnings if anyone is interested message me to talk details

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  1. Hi me and my partner are looking for a doner.
    Were a lesbian couple who want to start a family. You sound perfect for us to try and make this dream come true. Im from south wales so if yoh could message me i would appreciate it very much
    Cher x

  2. My fiancée and I are really wanting a baby to complete our family but have been unable to find a donor.

    We are a lesbian couple, both brunette, one tall and the other average height ? One blue eyes and one brown/green

    Fundermentally, you would be giving us the biggest gift anyone could ask for and its a selfless act in which we would be in debt to you for.

    Sarah&Stacey x

  3. hi I’m married with twins. we been together 7 years now and our twins were ivf hubby has low sperm count if you can help it would be great please.

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