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Hi, im looking for a sperm donor around North Yorkshire area. I live in Scarborough and have wanted to start a family for years. I am young but if i know i want something then it must be definite, its the one thing i would love for a future and is my biggest wish. Please get in touch if you think you could help me or to discuss further. I am about 5ft 3inch tall and have blonde hair with brown eyes, i have a slim/average pale figure. Please feel free to ask any questions

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  1. Hey Emma
    happy to help you , I’m 6 feet white male brown hair and blue yes.
    live in Leeds but do come to Scarborough and would be happy to discuss meeting.

    let me know if interested

  2. Hi,

    My name is Ab. I am 43 years old, single with no dependants. I am well educated. I look Italian with natural tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes and dimples. My smile is my best feature apparently. I am 5’9 and average build. No genetic problems in my family and sti clear. I don’t sleep around.

    I am happy to help with sperm donation in whatever way is best for you. I am new to this.

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