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I’ve been single for 5 years- out of choice as busy concentrating on career now I want to take time out for a child (last full sexual health check was after my last relationship 5 years ago- so clean bill of health) I’m looking for anonymous natural or AI to start a family on my own.

I live in Stoke on Trent but would prefer to meet half way; somewhere mutual where no addresses are divulged to maintain Anonymous status for both parties.
I’m preferably looking for Caucasian male, above 5’7 recent proof of STI/HIV clear needed, someone that hasn’t impregnantes the whole of the U.K. So the chances of my child possibly dating their brother/sister is kept to a minimum, plus picture of donor before agreement- as I need some attraction there. Only needed to conception only.

Please let me know if you are interested….fertile period coming up in approx 1.5 weeks.

I’ll happily send you my photo if I can’t add it on here.

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  1. Hi dear,
    I live in southyorkshire I am a 28 years old healthy man. I have green eye, brown hair 172cm height in fully healthy body. I have uni degree onscience. If intrested, please contact with me. Thanks…

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