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  1. Your ad really took my eye. My fiancée and I are really wanting a baby to complete our family but have been unable to find a donor. Thank goodness she found this web page!

    We are a lesbian couple, both brunette, one tall and the other average height ? One blue eyes and one brown/green. You match everything we are looking for in a donor .

    My fiancée will be carrying the baby and she is fit&healthy and works within the NHS. Which is a bonus. We understand your wish not to be part of the child’s life and this is something we want also however, as you have already said should the baby want in the future that would be supported by us. Regular photos will be a must also, we would be happy to provide these.

    Fundermentally, you would be giving us the biggest gift anyone could ask for and its a selfless act in which we would be in debt to you for.

    We have an idea on how we would do this and we hope it’s something you will be able to help us with. Please get it touch.

    Sarah&Stacey x

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