Single heterosexual man Looking to Co-parent in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Single heterosexual man
Looking to Co-parent
Age: 49
Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Other Info: The idea of coparenting has occurred to me but didn’t know where to start with it so it’s great to come across this site. I have many years of experience with children and am totally committed to offering a child the best I can give. I’m fairly young for my 49 and certainly have plenty of energy, living an active life, am in good health, never been a smoker and hardly ever drink. I believe that two grown-ups communicating positively with each other can have a very positive effect on a growing child and therefore would like to meet somebody who is prepared to put time into communication and recognize that different approaches to bringing up children can be beneficial and that supporting a positive view of the other parent in children’s eyes is important. The website insisted I put down an ethnicity for my ideal match, but that’s unimportant to me. I have been told I am a good listener and communicator and look forward to hearing from you if you would like to be in touch. I’m sure, being in a similar position we’d have an interesting chat at the very least.

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