Simon – Leicestershire Sperm Donor

Hi Im 29 healthy male. No known heredity health issues from Partents or grandparents. Im gay and just want to help. I dont need to be involved with parenting but wouldnt mind a couple updates within first year. Would not be against been involved if preferred if child asked questions later in life. Willing for any health screening tests. Prefer artificial though clinic being gay.

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  1. Hi, we have been together for 9years, we are looking to start a family and need a donor to help us with that.
    We are looking for a reliable donor. Please get intouch if intrested in helping us.

  2. Hello Simon, me and my wife have been together for 3 years and got married last year, we’re in a loving happy relationship we are looking to extend our family as soon as possible, please get in touch if you’d like to help us. We need a committed donor that can help make our life complete, you can have as little contact as you’d like but we would like to be able to contact you if wish.
    Thank you x

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