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  1. Hi me and my husband are looking to making are family bigger I have twin 4 year old girls who are wanting another baby in the family as we do so how much donation would it be looking forward to hearing from you

  2. hi

    me and my partner (lesbian couple) really want a baby, we have tried before and had negative results, we are engaged and a happy couple and would love nothing more than a baby, is there anyway of getting in touch with you futher.


  3. I am 25 and I know my point of being here is to be a mother. I know this to be true more than anything else on this earth. The problem is that I am very shy and I’m not sure I can give a man a long-lasting relationship…. but a child? Absolutely. My address is —————-

  4. Hello.

    My wife and I are looking to start our family!
    We are looking for ai donation only and live in the Merseyside area.
    We like the idea of getting to know you a bit better as genetically our child will have similar trates to you. We would also like you to get to know us too so we can show you how serious we are about creating a family and raising a child.
    We are financially stable, and have a good home and family for the child to baby to be raised in.

    If you can help us. Then message us. We would love to get to know you.

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