Sian Looking for a black or middle eastern sperm donor

Hi xxx

We are a well settled, comfortable married couple who really enjoy life and travel but our family is lacking as we have not been able to conceive. I am very ready to be a mum but after two long years and a lot of financial investment we have decided to look for a donor. I would love to find a confident, kind and warm hearted black or middle eastern donor who is clean and does not want to Co parent. The logic behind wanting a baby by a black or middle eastern man is specific to my personal history. We would want a clear legal document in place surrounding expectations. After much deliberation i would prefer the interactions of a natural insemination.

Please message me if it sounds like you can help .



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  1. Hi San. My origins date back to Iran. Olive skin tone. Black hair and Hazel eyes. Slim guy. 35 years old. If you are interested please message me back lets meet up in London to discuss further. Zubin

  2. Sian my origins are Afro Caribbean but born and raised in U.K. Very high education standard to masters degree at top university. I’m 6ft 3 fit and very healthy having been a rugby player for many years. I am clean and would not wish to do-parent. Any questions please feel to ask and I’d happily meet to discuss.

    1. Hi p,

      Me and my wife ( lesbian couple) are looking for a sperm donor.
      Would you be willing to travel?

      Thank you

  3. Hello Sian,

    My origin is African black but I’m British and a professional that works and lI’ve in Northants. I’m medium built and about 6ft tall. I am clean and willing to do further blood test. Really I want to help.
    Just drop me an email and we can take it further

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