Sherree Looking for donor in ayrshire area

hi I saw your status on a sperm donor page on Facebook and I thought I would give you a message. Me and my partner are in a same sex relationship and have been together 15months now, we are planning to get married but would love to start are own family as soon as we can we, we are looking for a donor who will provide AI donations only, we are also looking for a donor who can travel to Glasgow or north Ayrshire which is 45 minutes on a train or by car, also looking for a donor who will sign over his rights to myself before the child is born and can provide that he is STI/STD free and can provide any family history of any inherit illness or disease. Me and partner have our own syringes and containers we will also pay any travel expenses petrol or train/bus tickets. We would like to try next cycle to get pregnant this would give you enough time to decide whether you want to donate to us or not and also if you would like an update when the child is born if successful we are willing to do that, thanks in advance for reading my message

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  1. hi i live in north ayrshire and am willing to donate for you. am mixed race guy aged 30yrs old dont have any STI/STD.message me for more info

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