Shanon Desperate to be a mother

Hello, I am looking for a sperm donor preferably a white male done through AI. Being a mother is all I have ever dreamt of! I am intelligent, caring and very maternal as well as highly educated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m missing a part of my puzzle and starting a family of my own is the missing piece. Im NOT looking to coparent, however if you wish to receive updates that’s absolutely fine. I would also be extremely appreciative if I could give my child a sibling through the same donor. Must have health checks up to date (sexual and physical). I am willing to meet up and chat to get to know you and for you to get to know me. Please give me the gift I’ve always dreamt of, if there’s is anyone that can help don’t be hesitant please contact me. I hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks!

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  1. Hi Shanon,

    I will be willing to help, if you’re willing to travel up to South Yorkshire. I can also meet up at your place, if that is your preference.

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