Shane – Sperm donate.

I am looking for couples who need a sperm donor. I am young fit and healthy and willingly available for no financial cost gain, just for kindness. I live in a small village 8 miles east of Thetford and 20miles south-west of Norwich. I am new to this so any further details please reply 🙂

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  1. Hiya me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor… I live in Norwich could I have more detail on what you look like please if you don’t mind

  2. Hiya me and my partner is looking for a donor feel free to email me if your could help I live in Norwich…. And I would like to know more details on what you look life please 🙂

  3. Hi hun I’m desperately searching for a donor in that area. I did have a donor but he has just let me down. Could you email me ASAP please huni? Xx

  4. Just out of interest how would the sperm get to you? Would it be medically done or do people expect there donors to do it the old fashion way? I’m really sorry if this sounds like a stupid comment but I haven’t got a clue and have been thinking about donatng myself. But I am a gay male and so intrigued how the process works?

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