Sarah Looking for a north east sperm donor

My wife and I are looking to complete our family. We are looking for a sperm donor based in the North East (UK), to help us reach this. We would be asking for the donor to have no contact with the child and via the method of AI only. We are looking to begin donations in November 2018, so we have a little time to get to know the donor a little prior. If you think you can help us, please feel free to get in touch 🙂

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  1. Hi, I live near Newcastle. My father was English and my mother Italian, so I have slightly olive skin and sun tan easily. Im fit and healthy, approx 5′ 11″, brown hair and green eyes, with no medical problems so far….. I would be willing to help you and would want no contact with you or the child after donating.

    1. Hi Matt,

      We would love to chat more if you are still willing to help us? Is there a best way to contact you?

      Thank you in advance

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