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  1. Hi Sarah

    I have been thinking allot about being a sperm donor so I decided to look online and do some research and so I typed in sperm donation Bristol into google and some how this was the first page I came to.

    Anyway I would have to meet you guys first to see if I believed you were the right people before i could agree to being a donor. I am 36 no kids yet of my own, but would love to someday, but I have been so busy in recent years and haven’t met the right person to be the mother of my child yet. But the most important thing is I am healthy non smoker that has a kind heart, there is no health problems in my family something that should be important to you when trying to find the right donor.

    Please drop me an email with a bit more info about yourselves at ———————

    Kind Regards


  2. Hiya i’m Ian, nice to meet you. Interested to help- what would you like to know? Just had my STI test- waiting results.


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