samnbecky2 Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom

We are a lesbian couple from Middlesbrough who have been together 2 years. Already have a 9 year old daughter and would like nothing more than to have a child together. Need a donor who is reliable and willing to help until conception. Please get in touch 🙂 Username: samnbecky2
Lesbian couple
Looking to Find a sperm donor
Age: 28
Location: Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom

11 Replies to “samnbecky2 Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom”

  1. Hi as nasty as this will sound i would happly donate if you would be able to pay my travel i am 18 and live in Scotland is there any specific characteristics you are looking for

  2. Hi my name is Paul. I am 25 years old, I have a master degree, never been sick, atlethic body, handsome, green eyes, blond hair, iq of 124, I am from est europe .

  3. Hello,
    I would be happy to help provided I met you first to assertion if I felt you suitable for help, AI or NI. I live near darlington. I’m not making any promises as this is an important issue for you both and I.
    Please email me re Donations, if you’d like a meet. I have a beautiful daughter that you can meet if we get that far.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Rich.

      Just seen your post on sperm donation website…just wondered if you still donated?

      Many Thanks

  4. Hello,
    I know this may seem strange, but my Husband and I have 6 amazingly beautiful and healthy children, and despite feeling that our family is complete, we understand that we are extremely fertile and therefore are wanting to assist other couples in their pursuit of having a family themselves.
    Please email me if you would like to discuss further.

    1. Hi
      I am looking for some1 who would help me and my girl friend start a family and I seen ur post and thort u sounded lively and wondered if u could help us.
      That k u

    1. i I seen ur post n I was wondering if we could talk about u helping me n my misses starting a famlie.

      We are a very loving couple who have a loving worm home and are trying to start a famlie.
      Please could u email meme.

  5. Hi I m peerjan but I m Asian
    If still anyone need help I m here for sperm donation
    I have family with 4 healthy kids with me in Middlesbrough
    Not drinking not any drugs

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