Samantha Looking for a black sperm donor

Me and my partner have been together 11 years. We got together at 16, and now at 27, it has been a wonderful journey watching each other grow. But we are now ready to start that next chapter of our lives, by starting a family together. However, we need some help with this. We are looking for a black sperm donor as my partner is black, and someone who is will to remain anonymous after pregnancy is achieved.

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3 Replies to “Samantha Looking for a black sperm donor”

  1. Willing to help if no commitments afterwards. Tall thin black man. Professional university masters graduate in Medicine, fit and healthy, home insemination only no sexual contact. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    Are you still willing to help?
    Your requirements match perfectly with what we are looking for in a donor.

    Many thanks,
    Smauel and Sammy

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