4 Replies to “Sam – Sperm donor needed please”

  1. Hi there, im in Llantrisant about 4 mins off m4 junc 34
    Iiwill give you my sperm for £300 no contact wanted with child . Already have a wonderful handsome little boy. Im raising cash for uni.
    Can provide a photo of my boy when we meet up but will not send via email.
    Thanks xxx

  2. Hi, just been enquiring about how I can become a donor and seen your message. Would love to help.. I’m a 29 male, living just outside of Cardiff, fit and healthy with no family history of ill health etc. I’m 6″2, green eyes, athletic, and have been told many times I’m handsome (and not just by my Mam ha) feel free to email me, thanks for reading.

  3. Hi!I will try to help you . Live in Bristol. 33 yo , male, without health problem. Please contact me and I give you more information about me. Not smoking and alcohol abuse . Confidential!

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