13 Replies to “Sam donor In south west”

  1. Hi Sam

    I am happy to help. Please contact me via email, so I can give you all my information and can as you for bit if your information too.

  2. Hi me and my husband have been trying to concieve for ten years, we since have discovered my husbands sperm are non swimmers..I’m desperate for a child and this is my last hope.we would only consider artificial insemination and would prefer no contact after.. Please contact me to discuss this further if you think you can help

  3. Hi could i have some more information too please im 30 and would love to have a child, ive only just looked into all this so a little nervous about it all x

  4. Hello!

    Newly-wed lesbian couple looking for a hand! Would prefer AI so sounds perfect, we are in devon, please could you contact us (:

    Thank you!

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