sally – looking for AI sperm donor

We are a heterosexual couple from Rotherham. My partner is unfortunately infertile so here we are in need of a little help. We are looking for a donor that has similar characteristics to us so that would be brown or blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Nothing against red haired people or brown eyed people, its just that those characteristics don’t run in our family and i know are very overpowering, i also know that there could still be a chance you could meet our criteria and still we could have a baby that comes out with red hair and brown eyes but we would like to lower the chance of that happening, and no that doesn’t mean we would love our baby any less before anyone jumps to any conclusions. We would prefer you to live in South Yorkshire also. We don’t want a donor to come to our home, i don’t mind meeting you at the end of the street or in a public place i.e. supermarket just not at our family home which i hope you can respect our wishes. A picture would obviously be a must. We want AI ONLY so please don’t offer any other method and we want a non contact donor. We aren’t able to travel, but we are willing to pay a donation to your travel costs if there is any incurred. It is illegal to pay for sperm so please don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes, this maybe a new profile but we aren’t new to this, we have just had a break away for a while, and now we are ready to try again. Please make sure you have up to date sti/std proof to show all clear and someone that either has children of there own or had any success via donation would be nice to know, that way we at least know you are fertile. Thank you for reading and hope you can help

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  1. Hi are there any sperm donors in south Yorkshire area willing to donate via ai? We are a same sex married couple with a little boy who we would love a sibling for, our co parentmatch name is shell76 if you think you can help send us a msg 🙂

  2. I’m from the Rotherham area. I have two grown up children both have professional careers. I am blue eyed, brown hair though admittedly I do shave my head these days. I’m relatively fit, none smoker, occasional drinker. I’m in the IT industry. If you feel I’m the right person for you, then please email me back, otherwise good luck in your search.

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