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  1. Hi Ryan, hope you are well. Seen your post and I am very interested. I am in a lesbian relationship and ready to start a family. Have you been through this process before?

  2. Hello Ryan my fiancee and i are very interested in you possibly parenting our child. My partner and I have been together for 7 years now are still very much in love, both employed, non smokers with a small dog and live in a lovely small village which has a great community everyone knows and looks after one another. I have 2 grown daughters who live with us though 1 has been accepted for uni and will start september my younger into college. Knowing how amazing motherhood is and mostly a single mother think I’ve done well though she yearns for a child of her own and I’d love to have a child with her. She’s not had much luck unfortunately lost her brother, grandparents then mother which was really hard for her which makes her want a child maybe that little bit more as she has no family though by no means is it the reason we want a child together. A few years on she’s now dealing with her grief which needed to be addressed before we made this step, we just feel the times right. Please get in touch and thank you for having people like yourself, selfless and willing to help loving couples becoming loving families.

  3. Hi Ryan, I’m looking for a donor around 26-29th of this month
    I stay in east Ayrshire with my girlfriend of 5 years, both employed, massive animal lovers and from big families, we are looking to start our own!:)
    Please get in touch

  4. Hi Ryan. Are you still available? Myself and husband are looking for a donor and we are living close by, in Edinburgh. Please get in touch if you think you could help! Erin

  5. Hi there William. Not sure if you are still available but if so could you possibly contact me on

    Myself and my partner are very interested in you. We are based central Edinburgh.

  6. Hi Ryan , I am based in Edinburgh and wondered if I could have a hat with you regarding this . I am a staff nurse and work full time . You sound ideal
    Would like to know more .

  7. Hello Ryan, myself and my partner are looking to start a family, looking for genuine and honest donor for AI.

    Thank you


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