4 Replies to “Roxie Ai donor needed Nottinghamshire”

  1. hi im a 50 year old male very fertile . white brown hair . have 3 lovely beautiful kids aged 11 to 6 . like to help out if i could

    1. hi carl im really sorry iv only just got your comment. im struggling to understand how this site works or even if I can private message. if you are still able to help id love to talk

  2. Hi I’m Kev 34

    I have 3 kids all blonde and blue eyes I’m ex parachute regiment and now a bodyguard I’m discreet and would like to help.

    I’m from Nottingham

    1. hi kevin, im sorry for late reply, im struggling with the site and didn’t realise you had commented. if your still willing to help I would love to talk.

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