Rob sperm donor available


My name is Rob I’m willing to help someone out by donating my sperm I have a well educated background I’m white 6’1ft tall I’m of slim build willing to sit sti/std screenings and willing for crb checks to be done at your expense
If you require more information feel free to ask

Age – 19
Employed – yes
Education – C+ in all subjects
Body type – slim
Any family illnesses – none

I’m based near birmingham but willing to travel

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  1. Hi Rob, my partner and I are looking for a sperm doner and we are interested in anymore information you have about yourself. We live in the South West and are willing to travel. We look forward to your reply 🙂

  2. Hi
    My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor for next month in birmingham.
    Not exactly sure how this site works but could you get in touch if you think you can help.
    Thank you


  3. Hi, we are located in Wolverhampton and are more than willing to travel. Please get in touch.
    We are a married couple and already have a nine year old, we are now eager to give her a sibling. We have both recently graduated from university, explaining the delay in expansion of our family!


  4. Hello Rob
    My name is Roberta
    I’m currently living in Birmingham towards the Solihull end me and my partner will be looking for a sperm donor some point next year I wanted to have a look and be prepared if you are willing to wait for us or are still donating please email or text me.

  5. Hi rob

    I’m based in Birmingham. Would like more information on yourself please and have you had much success with other women concieving??


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