Rob Preston and Lancashire free sperm

I’m 30, white 5ft10, athletic body with no health issues or family history and a clean bill of health. Also educated up to degree levelI’m willing to donate until you are successfully on your way to starting your family. I believe NI is the better way to create a baby as the strongest sperm with the best genetic material makes it to the egg. This is why I am only willing to donate via this method. I can travel all over Lancashire way.

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  1. Hi there, me and my partner have come across your profile online and would love to ask you few more questions.

    We are a lesbian couple looking to start a family via AI.

    I am 22 and my partner is 21 we are both working professionals looking to start our own little family.

    We currently have no children so this would be our first. We have been together a short 3 years and are engaged to be married next year.

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