Ricki Looking for sperm donation

Hi i live in Cornwall. My partner can’t have children he is now 32. i have a little boy who is 4 nearly 5 already and would love a sibling for him. Unfortunalty my partner can’t produce and we really want a child to extend my family. all my partner has ever wanted is to be a dad. He gets upset alot of the time. aPleasenyone who is a father should know how special that bond is and to not be able to have that is heartbreaking please email me if you can help my name is ricki

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  1. Hi im Paul 47 and im a healthy proven tested natural sperm donor currentley working and staying nr taunton if you can meet half way im prepared to help my email.

  2. Hi Ricki, I would really like to help you. I’m a good looking intelligent young man (27) based in Devon. I’m fertile and would love to help you. Please contact me. Josh

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