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  1. Hi richard

    Just a little about us. My wife and I would like a sibling for our little lad (he is 1). We have used clinics and honestly used up the donor sperm we used for him so now looking for a new donor. My wife and I are civil partnered and have been together just short of a decade (doesnt seem that long) and feel now is a good time to for baby number 2.
    If you feel you would like to know us better or have questions feel free. We would be looking for AI only just to get that out the way.

  2. Hi me and my girlfriend are from neath and are looking for a sperm doner this month!! We could meet you somewhere?
    We’ve been together 3 years and are trying to make a family! We have been trying but no luck yet!
    Message me please

  3. Hi there I am looking for a donor so I can have a sibling for my son (also a donor baby) his donor was ment to help us again but had moved to Australia due to family issues . I am looking for an AI donor only. Me and my wife would love another child we just haven’t got the right ingredients ? Our little boy is the love of our life’s . We have so much love to give and would be forever greatful for help .. hope to hear from you soon ..

    Mrs c l

  4. HI there, I am looking for someone to donate sperm so my wife and I can start making our family. We’ve been together 4 years and married for 4 months and are so excited to start a family. Hope to hear from you so we can discuss this further and any help will be greatly appreciated. We have been trying but haven’t had any luck so far.

  5. Hi Richard, my husband and I are looking for an ai only sperm donor, we have been together nearly a decade now and feel it’s time to start a family, hope you can help

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