Rebecca Looking for an Ai donor

Hi any AI donors covering Durham?? I am looking for flexible donor who will be able to work with me and my wife to try and give us our dream ♡

Basically I have some issues with periods but it’s thought that I am still ovulating. Basically single every day we are both testing our ovulation and if we get some positives or high days I will have to get in touch and see if your available to come and donate that day and / or within the 3/4 days that ovulation will be high . I totally understand that the donor may not be available every time at such short notice . Ideally when we get a positive ovulation test we would love if you could come see us a few times over the few days.

I know I am asking alot but I think this is the only option we have.

We are willing to pay for petrol costs etc and above all we will be so grateful for you taking time out of your life to help us create our little family.

Love the Rooneys xx

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  1. Hi there i am 6.4 blue eyes looking to help cupel to have children i am will to take eny sdi test if you wish me to do so but you must pay for it thanks
    I hope you all get you dream

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