13 Replies to “Real gentleman New year New sperm for Exeter married single or lesbians”

  1. Hi my names wendy. Your ad sounds great. Im 5ft7 brown hair and brown eyes. Be nice to have a baby. Im straightbut never met the right person so be good to give all my love to a baby. Hope to speak soon

  2. Hi, me and my partner are a lesbian couple looking to have a baby, we would love your help, if you could get I’m contact with me that would be brilliant, thanks Rebecca

    1. Hi Rebecca. Yes of course I can help. Could you travel to my place with partner any evening. I live near Exeter. Are you looking for AI or NI. Either way I can supply. It’s what you want.

  3. Hi Wendy. Would love to be able to help you. Where do you live. I live just outside of Exeter. Would you be able to travel to me any evening?
    Which kind of insemination are you looking at AI or NI. I’m comfortable either way. Hope for a reply

  4. Hi me and my partner live in Exeter we have been together for 7 years getting married in winter, we are looking for a sperm donor and your ad sounds great, can you email me please,

  5. Hi. My wife and I are looking for a donor by ai. We live near Exeter and can travel. Would love if you could get in contact if you’re still wanting to donate?

  6. hi i saw your ad and im looking for a donor i live in cornwall and dont mind travelling. if you could get in contact please if youre still wanting to donate? thanks

  7. Hi Laura. Of course I’m still willing to help.
    I can donate by AII or NI. Natural has a far better success rate. I have good sperm. The method decision is yours. I see you can travel which is great. You can contact me on
    . From a real gentleman

    1. Hi Laura. Can you please email me please.
      Perhaps we can work something out between us. Have you a partner? We could make it a Sunday if that’s suits you. I’ll try and find your email and get in touch. Ok

  8. Hello are you still interested in donation? Me and my partner are looking to have a baby, looking for artificial insemination only

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