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  1. Hi Rachel

    I’m 36 years old, brown/blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am 6’1″, 82 kilograms, clean, healthy and exercise often.

    I have fathered two children previously (a girl and a boy); both are intelligent and very healthy.

    I may be able to assist.

  2. Hi Rachel. 35 male London. Slim guy with no disease. I am a single guy looking to help a lady like you get pregnant. If interested please message me back.

  3. Hey my name’s Ricky am 32 I work full-time no std’s how do i know cause you have to have sex to get them lol would love to help you out any way possible my name’s Ricky find me on Twitter my email is don’t know if you will see this info sometimes they hide it but if you do give me a shout my number is hope to hear from you soon x

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