Rachel Sperm donor needed, SE London

I suffer with lupus and recently discovered that it has spread to my kidneys prompting the docs to perform a biopsy (next Mon) and consider a change of drugs. The new drugs would be ill-advised to become pregnant on – plus I don’t know how long I’d need to take them for. As I’m 33 years old and still no closer to meeting Mr Right, I figured it is time I took matters into my own hands and finally have the baby I’ve always wanted.

I’ve never been married (or had an actual relationship with a man)
I’m of Caribbean origins
Ideally I’d like to have zero contact with the donor
I work for a prominent engineering firm in central London
I have my own flat and earn a comfortable living
I have the support of friends and family nearby
Preferred method of conception would be at home (turkey baster) or IUI

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  1. Rachel I could help you after all you have been through. Get in touch.
    Am of Caribbean heritage 6′ 4 Oxbridge educated and very healthy.
    Happy to answer any of your questions

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