Plymouth Donor

I am a 34 year old professional guy with proven fertility with two previous conceptions from a previous relationship.

I’m 6ft 1inch, slim build, brown hair, brown eyes, clean shaven and free from any health issues.

I am looking to help loving settled couples or single women to make their dreams of a baby come true.

After conception had been achieved I would leave you and your partner to enjoy the pregnancy and birth together and bring up the baby without any physical or financial involvement from me.
I have been fully health checked and am sti free.

NI & PI only at this time but may consider AI in the future.

8 Replies to “Plymouth Donor”

  1. Hello.

    get in contact with me, am a donor and i have clean health records.

    Will like to join you guys asap.



  2. Hi, my name is Eve. My wife and I are looking for someone to help us start our family. Would you be willing to help with this?

    Thank You

  3. Hi Eve.

    I would be interested in helping you and your partner.

    Can you please let me know what your requirements are, what insemination methods you’re open to, when you last tried to conceive etc

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Hi! Would love to find out some more about you as I am looking for someone to help me become a mother. Would you be willing to help? I’m based 10 minutes away from Exeter x

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