Phoebe Ann help my dreams come true

hey guys,
im phoebe-ann and im currently in leicestershire, im looking for a AI donor as im a panromanic asexual (someone who doesn’t have sex) who is within leicestershire or is willing to travel to me as i do not drive, im looking for a Caucasian guy who is either blonde or ginger and has blue eyes, im looking for someone who is okay with having no contact with the child until the child is old enough to make their own decisions

thank you for reading!!

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  1. My Name is Callum, im 18 years old,I’m a Sperm Donor, and willing to help other people in need of wanting to start a family and having that chance to share the love I’m a caring and kind and down the earth person, I’m Gay, I can do sperm delivery, only if it’s in the area of Leicestershire, as I don’t drive, I can only get the bus.

    I’m 6″ footy tall, Blue eyes, Light brown short hair, weigh 16 stone, Broard.
    If your intrested give me a message.

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